The Conversation | Declan Ganley

Irish entrepreneur and businessman Declan Ganley sits down with Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for our pilot episode of ‘The Conversation’.

00:02 – Catholic Youth on Fire

08:52 – Court case against the State’s restrictions on religious services

12:33 – USA, Russia and China

37:32 – Three Solutions for the Catholic Church

“Lets make sure that the Eucharist is put back at the centre of everything.”

“If they’re not called to a vocation in the Holy Orders, then I will say get married young, have kids, and bring your kids up in the faith. The family is the domestic church, it’s the building block of civilization.”

“Families of faith are going to be the wellsprings through which the renewal comes.”

“Beauty is very important, especially to the uncatechised… and we’re all uncatechised in Ireland now. Lets put beauty back in the centre of the liturgy. A beauty that is challenging. A beauty that requires an act of surrender.”

“I am a layman and I’m a bottom-rung-of-the-ladder Catholic… I have my own duty of obedience. Obedience is not easy for me. It does not come naturally. There are thoughts that I have with regard to the Catholic church in Ireland that I need to keep to myself because I have to be obedient. I can pray that they happen.”

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