The Conversation | Canon Lebocq

Canon Wulfran Lebocq, ‘Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest’, sits down with Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for ‘The Conversation’ to discuss various aspects of the spiritual life, the founding and charism of his order, and the Latin Mass in modern Ireland.

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“The Liturgy is our first apostolate, and we do our best to give God the most beautiful liturgy, the most elaborate, the most precise.”

“In the Gospel we see the number of things that we have to do for God, we should never forget the importance of prayer. The importance of the sacraments”.

“During the lockdown here, we saw many people were suffering with the difficulties to receive the sacraments. As a priest, I will always make myself ready to provide the sacraments”.

“This yes we say to God is really the invitation of the holy angels. When the holy Angels make decisions it’s either yes or no, but if it’s yes, we do not change our mind.”

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