The Brendan Option Ep093

Frank Duff & The Legion of Mary

“This charism is exciting, it’s cutting edge, it’s timeless. That’s the sure test of the Catholicity of a charism… that it has a quality of timelessness to it. It operates on the frontiers of spiritual experience.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 93 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he pays tribute to Frank Duff who founded the Legion of Mary one hundred years ago.

“He founded the Legion of Mary and he based it on the structure of the Roman army. A legion was a Roman regiment.”

“Roman soldiers were famously disciplined, famously dutiful, they had a tremendous ethos of duty…. so Duff decided to take the pagan institution of the Roman army because the Roman empire had been so crucial in the early formation of the Catholic church and use it as a structure.”

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