The Brendan Option Ep064

Putin, Don't Move! The Brendan Option is on to you!

“I’m suspicious of how ubiquitous this narrative is, and how easily it’s accepted.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 64 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he takes a look at the media’s current spin on Russia and the West.

“A Catholic journalist should be obsessed with truth. The Catholic contribution to current affairs and commentary on current affairs is a mania for truth… and if its not that, it’s not Catholic.”

“Speaking as a believer and as a Christian, I happen to notice that religion is on the rise in Russia and sharply on the decline in the West. The decline of religion is profoundly ominous for any culture; religion contains far more of national identities… it provides the basis far more to the moral authorities of states than you may realise.”

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