The Brendan Option Ep056

The Upcoming Irish Synod: The Incredible (Catholica) Hulk

“We can do business with the left… we can do business with the right… because tradition is essential. It is the means by which the faith has been passed on to us. It is impossible to understand Catholicism without it.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 56 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he offers more food for thought regarding the upcoming Irish Synod and looks at the balance between the left and right… and the possibility of a “left-wing traddie”!

“Wouldn’t it be interesting to have genuine Catholic social democracy? I’m not an expert… I’m just sitting on the fence here kicking my feet and chewing on a blade of grass and watching the game. Sometimes you can see things that the people on the field can’t see because they’re too close to it.”

“Instead of the Church giving into the world, instead of the Church allowing itself to be a doormat for the world, this synod – a council of war – should come out with an up-to-the-minute statement on how the Church aggressively intends to make manifest the Kingdom in this present age.”

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