The Brendan Option Ep048

THE BRENDAN OPTION 048 | Heavenly Welfare: Pray for the Holy Souls

“I honestly think a lot of us are going to go to purgatory… I don’t mean to offend against God’s mercy… I have no problem with God’s mercy. I have a great problem with my inability and unwillingness to accept His mercy. That’s where the problem is generally, not with God’s mercy. That’s where the problem is with people going to Hell. Will I go to Hell? I don’t think so… but I might. If I do I wouldn’t be the first priest there, I’m afraid. I don’t know, but I’m afraid. …But I don’t think I would, because I’m too slippery, I’ll repent at the last minute. …And He’d let me in. This is the kinda God you’re dealing with.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 48 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he discusses how important it is to respect and remember the dead, and to continue praying for their Holy souls as they make their transition from Purgatory into Heaven. They’ll remember your kind acts of charity.

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