The Brendan Option Ep047

Will I Stay or Will I Go?

“You stay because you believe. You go because you don’t believe. There is no other reason to stay or to go.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 47 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he discusses the reasons one should stay with the Catholic Church or why one should leave it.

“I genuinely love the Church and I don’t particularly like seeing her messed about. I don’t like seeing her messed about by priests either for that matter, so please don’t you do it. You leave the Church if you don’t believe; that’s why you leave the Church, you don’t leave the Church because of scandals.”

“If you don’t believe, I would urge you to stay… I would urge you to take holy water, say your prayers, continue with your routine as you did and pray for the faith to come back.”

“If you have to go, go. Know what your leaving. Cut cleanly and keep searching for the truth. If you do that, I honestly believe the Holy Spirit will not desert you… even if you have stopped believing in Him. But I worry genuinely for the salvation of souls who simply do not bother making a decision on the most important thing on which there is a decision to be made in all of life.”

“One thing I advise you against with the greatest passion is staying here and festering, gangrenous and poisoned, by your taking part in something you do not believe in; by our asking for sacraments you do not respect; by your insisting on ceremonies that are no longer appropriate for you or your family.”

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