The Brendan Option Ep038

Abortion: Natural Born Killers?

“This is a crime calling to Heaven for vengeance. This is a terrible crime.” Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 38 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he discusses the hard reality of abortion.

“I’ll believe your tears for the Tuam babies – and I accept that that’s a grim and a heartless period of our history – I’ll believe that when I see the same tears being shed for the 7,000 Irish babies killed last year. They weren’t all killed in Tuam, that’s for sure.”

“There’s an unwritten, unspoken conspiracy among us to do these things and not talk about them. So it’s not talked about, but this is the very stuff that we despise in the Ireland of the past which hid away its unwanted children in institutions. Now we’re murdering them! That’s progress?”

“The church has a hard road ahead of it because it must prophesy to this really increasingly Godless nation, and that prophecy will be received with the same harshness with which prophecy was received by Jerusalem when prophecy was made to it. The prophets end badly.”

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