The Brendan Option Ep014

Calling Writers, Artists and Musicians: Worshipping God in the Arts

“We are in danger of abandoning the Humanities. The Humanities are man if not talking to God at least talking to himself. The Humanities are a mirror which humanity holds up to itself.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 14 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he discusses the natural philosophy of the liberal arts and culture, and the importance of the Humanities in spiritual exploration and evangelising the Catholic faith.

“We need writers, we need poets, we need especially musicians.”

“We need to get back to our reverence for the arts and our reverence for the artists and musicians. We need to start telling people about Jesus Christ in the most beautiful and captivating language, with the most beautiful imagery, with great art. Noting else will do. He deserves nothing less.”

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