The Brendan Option Ep069

Priesthood & Liturgy: "I'm MAD as Hell!"

“I’m mad at the way that the Church has gone into into decline… that we cannot seem to sell the incredible product we have.”

Join Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne for episode 69 of ‘The Brendan Option’ where he asks the upcoming Irish synod to tackle the problems with which the Sacred Liturgy is treated.

“I’m mad at the way the Novus Ordo is said; I’m mad at our lack of reverence for the Blessed Eucharist; I’m mad at the lack of example we’ve given; I’m mad at the priesthood ….starting with this priest.”

“We have to get back to a real sense of reverence, of awe, of mystery and of love in the Eucharist.”

“This thing of ‘involving the people’… The people are involved! The Mass is offered by the priest for them!”

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